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How we consider nature in development is evolving fast. 

Making a positive impact on biodiversity is becoming increasingly integral to the success of all construction projects, for both securing planning, and creating places where people want to live, work and play.

Biodiverse Consulting work with people and businesses who plan, design and build stuff. We know you need to deliver compliant construction and infrastructure projects on time and in budget. 

Our trusted network of ecologists, arborists and collaborators are experienced and skilled professionals able to meet your project requirements. We deliver survey, assessment and consultation services for biodiversity net gain, nutrient neutrality, ecology & tree works needed throughout the lifetime of your development; from land purchase to post-construction management.

Our experience of delivering business development services provides a unique understanding and empathy of the demands our clients face, which is why we put both your needs and that of biodiversity at the heart of what we do.

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What We Do

Biodiversity Net Gain

Simply put development needs to leave biodiversity in a better state than before. We deliver Net Gain Assessment, Biodiversity Metric Calculations & expert advice in ensuring biodiversity net gain can be achieved on and off site.
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Nutrient Neutrality

We help you become Nutrient Neutral Ready from Habitat Regulations assessment for planning validation, during and post-construction to updating landscape plans, onsite implementaton and reviewing affordable options for onsite reduction/mitigation.
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From initial appraisal, detailed surveys, assessments & consultation at pre-planning to ecological clerk of works, protected species licence applications and ecological management plans post planning. We deliver the services your project requires.
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If you have trees on a proposed development, we can advise through the process and support your plans. From Site Surveys and Tree Constraints Plans to Arboricultural Impact Assessments and works during construction, all delivered to BS5837 standards.
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Business Support

We specialise in enabling environmental organisations to adapt and grow. Through a bespoke programme we work alongside leaders focusing on strategy, actions & culture to create successful teams and services. We also offer informative CPD training.
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We have launched a brand new service…

We’re delighted to announce our collaboration with geo-environmental firm, Roberts Environmental. Through this exciting partnership, we are offering our clients a quality, streamlined approach to BNG.

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Breaking Down the Biodiversity Metric, By Senior Ecologist, Luc Hanse-Foster

In the UK, our forward-thinking approach to Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is leading the rest of the world, and the Biodiversity Metric serves as an essential tool in the standardisation of BNG calculations.

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