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Trees have, and always will be, vital for the health of our planet. If you are a developer and have trees on your site, you must speak with an arborist to assess what needs to be done, ideally at the design stage.
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The planning process explained

There are typically three stages to the planning process if your site has trees that are likely to be affected by the development.

Stage 1 - Site Survey and a Tree Constraints Plan (TCP). This stage identifies and evaluates the trees on your site following the BS5837 standard.

Stage 2 - Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA). This provides a protection plan that summarises the tree work to be undertaken.  It identifies trees that are to be removed and/or retained, how the root zones will be affected, plus how trees that are being retained will be protected during construction.

Stage 3 - Arboricultural Method Statement. This final stage details how works will be carried out to ensure tree protection and is in accordance with best practice. We strongly recommend that you should consult with an experienced arborist at the design stage to prevent any delays in your development at planning stage.

Once planning permission is secured we can continue to support you through your construction phase with our arboricultural supervision and site monitoring.

Arboricultural Supervision and Site Monitoring 

Working on trees is a skilled operation and it’s necessary to carry out work in the correct manner to avoid trees being over pruned or damaged and align the work in accordance with the current national and international standards.

The team can advise on tree works during the construction process to ensure the best outcomes for the tree and your development.

Get in touch if you have trees on a proposed development and we will be happy to advise you through the process and support your plans.

Our services

We offer a full range of tree services including; Tree Surveys, Arboricultural Impact Assessment, Tree Method Statements, Arboricultural Supervision & Site Monitoring.

Our team can also carry out more specialist tree services such as; Veteran Tree Management Advice, Tree Hazard Assessments, Tree Evaluations and Tree Planting Advice.

All of our tree services are delivered to BS5837 standards – the recognised arboricultural standard.

What are specialist tree services?

On certain developments you may have to carry out more in-depth surveys and assessments depending on what trees are present on the land. The term ‘Specialist Tree Services’ covers the following areas.

Veteran Tree Management 

Ancient and veteran trees are a valuable asset to our planet and to human life - they also often have social, cultural and historical value. Careful and sensitive management of these trees is essential.

Tree Hazard Assessments

These assessments look at individual trees where a more detailed inspection is required to identify, discuss and quantify works or other issues that may influence people or structures positioned close by. It is vital that you are aware of any risks and/or hazards these trees may pose, especially in higher risk zones, for example, public spaces.

Tree Evaluations

Our experienced team can carry out evaluations to aid landowners in putting a value on tree assets for insurance and investment purposes.

The team can also carry out Tree Evaluation Method for Preservation Orders (TEMPO) to aid the decision regarding whether a tree preservation order is appropriate.

Tree Planting Advice

The team can also be involved at the tree planting phase to advise on replacement and the vitally important formative period. This can save a lot of time and money in the long term by ensuring that new trees are suitable, healthy and manageable in a cost effective way.


Whatever your requirements, tree-based or otherwise, please feel free to contact us and we will advise on the best and most efficient approach to secure your development and protect nature.

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