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Could you be our next Principal?

Spring is the opportune time to make a fresh start in your career, and we are expanding our talented and passionate team by hiring an Environmental Net Gain Principal.

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Could you be our next Principal?

Our Founder, Vicki Mordue, is here to explain more about this exciting role, located at the heart of our diverse range of services.

What is Biodiverse Consulting?

We are an environmental consultancy, primarily looking at biodiversity and ecology. We specialise in biodiversity net gain, but also deliver environmental net gain services more broadly. For us, this encompasses nutrient neutrality, carbon assessments, ecology services and horticultural work.

What is Environmental Net Gain?

We believe that environmental net gain encompasses a new approach to ecology. We depend upon many different aspects of the environment, and environmental net gain involves bringing these individual strands together, and addressing them as a whole. 

Commercially, this means looking at seven key elements; biodiversity, carbon, nutrients, water, air, soil, people and place. When combined, these factors form one cohesive approach to development - an approach which has the power to help both business and nature to thrive.

What does this new role involve?

We are super excited about this new role for an Environmental Net Gain Principal, which will be crucial to the expansion and development of our service offering.

The role will involve thinking beyond biodiversity and unifying our many different net gain services. We are looking for someone who believes in combining nutrients, carbon, water, air, people and place into a single approach, and in doing so, expanding the impact of each individual element.

We believe that this innovative method is what our clients are really asking for, and our successful candidate will be working with me to actualise it, delivering results for our clients and the environment.

Who should apply?

We would love to hear from you if you have several years of experience working in a commercial setting. Whilst you don’t need to be an ecologist, you definitely need to be an environmentalist.

This role will require you to have a good understanding of the principles of biodiversity net gain, and the workings of ecology survey assessments and compliance.

We would love someone who is creative, adaptable and passionate - we are a small, solution focussed team and we are growing fast. This role will involve line manager responsibilities, meaning we need a team player, who has a keen interest in mentoring and developing our junior members as they progress in their careers.

We genuinely believe that business and biodiversity can go hand in hand - for us, environmental net gain is fundamental to that. We are searching for someone who shares this belief, and truly sees the benefits of working with businesses to overcome the problems they face.


Check out the job description here.

If this sounds like you, kindly share your CV and cover letter to us at Alternatively, feel free to discuss the role further by calling us at 0191 303 7805.

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