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Birds Breed in the Craziest of Places

If you are considering site works between March and August chances are you are going to require a breeding bird check of vegetation, trees, buildings and other structures by a suitably qualified ecologist.

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Birds Breed in the Craziest of Places

Your Guide to Breeding Bird Checks

Whether its kittiwakes on art galleries, wagtails in roads, pigeons in garages or just your regular bird in a bush, a breeding bird checking survey needs to be carried out by a suitably qualified ecologist like ourselves.  

If you are considering site clearance works, vegetation clearance, tree felling or pruning, renovations to buildings or built structures or simple demolition between 1st March to 31st August then you will need a nesting bird check to keep your project legally compliant.

And yes, those dastardly pigeons that breed all year round are included too!

In accordance with best practice the survey must be undertaken within 48 hours of the works commencing, and just because we find nests doesn't mean that all works need to stop. As long as the nesting bird is not disturbed then appropriate works within a safe working distance can likely continue. We will advise on the best course of action and undertake regular visits until the we are confident that the nest has been vacated and/or all breeding activity has ceased.

For further information on breeding bird checks or booking a check in please get in touch with us at

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