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Meet Graduate Ecologist, Siobhan Bailey

Siobhan started volunteering at Biodiverse Consulting back in March 2022, this month she became an official full-time member of the team. 

Find out more about Siobhan's journey below. 

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A year in industry with Biodiverse Consulting

Madeline is currently in the midst of a Zoology degree at Newcastle University, and as part of her course, she has chosen to strengthen her career prospects as a project coordinator here at Biodiverse Consulting. 

We chatted with Madeline Money, our new student recruit, to discuss how she’s finding her year in industry with Biodiverse Consulting. 

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Top 5 highlights from this year's bird survey season…

Bird surveys are carried out so that new developments don’t disturb, destroy or damage the habitats of nesting birds. It’s essential that they’re done so that business and biodiversity can work together in harmony.

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What is Nutrient Neutrality?

Here, Cameron Carmichael discusses Nutrient Neutrality and how it affects developers.  

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Meet Assistant Ecologist, Philien Duchemin

Philien started out at Biodiverse Consulting a year ago as a graduate ecologist, and since then, he has enjoyed a promotion to an assistant ecologist and ornithology lead. Find out more about Philien’s passion for ecology, his interest in the protection of birds, and what he enjoys most about working with our founder, Vicki, and the growing team.

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Meet our founder, Vicki Mordue

Vicki has over 20 years' experience within the environmental sector. She is passionate about enhancing places for people and wildlife. Vicki believes that business and development can, and do, positively contribute to biodiversity.

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Meet Ecologist, Luc Hanse-Foster

Luc has been in industry for over three years and started with us over two years ago as an assistant ecologist, before being promoted to ecologist. Find out more about his experience and what he likes about working with our growing team.

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